Well, hello there!

Photo by Quyen Hom

I’m Brittney

I’m a Wisconsin blogger and photographer with dreams of making a big impact in the small community I was raised in.

Chances are you can find me cuddled up with coffee while typing or editing away on my MacBook. Don’t let that fool you though – I love being outside! In fact, musky fishing, biking, and skiing are my favorite ways to enjoy nature.

A part of me always knew that writing and photography would end up playing a significant role in my life and would guide me to the things I’m most passionate about. I remember when I was in fourth grade and got my first digital camera – oh what a fun year that was! I’m pretty sure I have hundreds of pictures of my friends and I jumping on the trampoline in my dad’s backyard. Surprisingly, it was also that year that I began to really enjoy writing. I wrote and illustrated mini books during recess and even created a series about a superhero dog. In the classroom, I excelled in writing as well. A poem I wrote for class ended up being published in three youth poetry books!

I am so glad you’re here! Stay and read awhile.



a few of my favorite things…

cabins | handcrafted goods | books | new places | plants | local shops | journals | candles | earrings | good company | fishing | baking | coffee | rocks + crystals | passport stamps | watches | waterskiing | biking | craft beer

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“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”