You know the drill – one carry-on suitcase and one carry-on personal item.

I’ve tried so many bags throughout the years, and honestly, none of them compare to my Fjallraven Kanken.

I wasn’t actually planning on buying a Kanken to use as my regular personal item when flying. When I was in Berlin, I bought more than what my suitcase could handle. I knew that I needed more space for the flight home, and my purse wasn’t going to cut it.

My first Kanken served me well. It went all over Europe with me, through woods, through airports, and even on a few fishing trips. I decided it was time for a change when my lipgloss spilled all over the bag a left a huge stain. Other than my little accident with the lipgloss, the backpack was in perfect condition after all it’s been through.

What I like about the bag:

My favorite feature is the 3/4 zipper, which goes around the perimeter of the bag and allows you to fully open the backpack to strategically place what you need to inside.

It doesn’t get heavy throughout the day. Carrying a backpack around with you all day is super easy on your body. When I would carry shoulder bags, I felt like I was constantly trading off between shoulders and was generally uncomfortable throughout the day.

The unique shape of the bag hides the zippers and makes me feel more secure when walking city streets. I normally wouldn’t dare wearing a backpack in crowded areas, but the style of the Kanken, while it is not completely anti-theft, provides more protection than a standard backpack.

You can fit a lot in it. I’m normally able to fit a cosmetics bag, a camera, a sweatshirt, a laptop (MacBook Pro 13 inch), and a book or two into my Kanken with little bit of room left over for some snacks.

Hopefully, you can see why I love my Kanken so much! While there is so much to love, the one thing I would change about the bag is making the side pouches a little bit bigger so they can carry a standard water bottle. I’ve noticed when traveling in Europe, the bottles fit in the side pouches better. My reusable ones at home don’t have such luck, unfortunately. With that being said, I still think Kankens are the best bet when traveling.

Which color have you been eyeing up?

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