I was introduced to Waking the Witch through author, Pam Grossman’s podcast, The Witch Wave Podcast. As an avid podcast listener, I knew I was going to have to get my hands on Waking the Witch ASAP!

Before you start thinking, “Hey Brittney, what’s all this witch stuff about?”, I’ll explain it a little bit before diving into my book review.

I see the witch as a symbol of female power. She is someone who is mysterious, misunderstood, and feared. Women have been considered witches throughout history. It’s time to embrace our inner witch and find our freedom.

Pam Grossman puts it best when she says, “The witch is the ultimate feminist icon because she is a fully rounded symbol of female oppression and liberation. She shows us how to tap into our own might and magic, despite the many who try to strip us of our power.”

Witchcraft to me is connecting with nature, fighting injustice, and embracing all you are. It is NOT dark magic or worshipping evil forces. Witchcraft is not something to be feared.

In fact, the reason you might have a negative connotation with the word “witch” is because brilliant women throughout history have been called witches to demonize them and send them to their demise. History is often written from a male perspective, so it comes as no surprise that witches are often discussed in a negative light.

Now onto the review:

Waking the Witch was a fairly quick read for me. As with Grossman’s podcast, I was instantly drawn in and invested.

The book touches on the term “witch” and its history briefly. Grossman dives into witches in pop culture, the rise of the witch in recent decades, and our current political climate, which has encouraged witches to come out and fight injustice.

Grossman covers multiple topics and offers works you can refer to if you are interested in specific topic.

To fully enjoy this book, do not go in with the assumption that just one topic will be covered. Keep an open mind, and be prepared to dabble in a few topics circulating modern witchcraft.

I would recommend Waking the Witch to anyone who is interested. You do not have to be a witch to enjoy this book. If anything, you will learn about believes that might vary from your own and become more understanding of other believes and lifestyles.

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