Have you ever noticed yourself not standing up to clap for those around you who are accomplishing outstanding things, especially the women in your life?

Why is it that we sometimes have a hard time celebrating the success of others? Is it because we feel we are lacking in certain areas where they are excelling?

With today’s climate, it is now more important than ever to stand up and support the women around you. Celebrating others should be uplifting and inspiring; it should not bring you down. The comparison stops here.

Something as simple as “liking” an achievement or shooting out a “congratulations” message could mean the world to someone. It keeps their momentum going and could drive them to do more good.

If you struggle to support someone because of a mental battle you are fighting, unfollowing that individual could be a good way to resolve the issue.

Your benefit: you no longer see content that upsets you.

Their benefit: there is no more negativity clouding their aura.

When others see women supporting women, it encourages positivity and establishes community. When we have each other’s backs, nothing can tear us down.

If you see people in your community accomplishing incredible achievements, it drives you to work harder to achieve your goals. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Let’s stand together and live our dreams!

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