Summer weather is nice and all, but fall is really where it’s at in terms of clothing. You can bring out all of your favorite sweaters without having to worry about your winter coat just yet.

This season, I’ve been keeping my clothing pretty neutral, however, I add pops of color with my accessories when I can.

See which accessories made the cut

You heard it here first, folks – chartreuse is IN. I have been living for my chartreuse Baggu wallet and Sport Crossbody. I’ll admit, it’s kind of a bright color for me, but with my neutral wardrobe, it is just the pop of color that I need.

These clogs are made for walkin’. Since I ordered my first pair of Lotta’s, they are practically the only shoes I wear. Pictured are my Lotta from Stockholm Low Wood in Black on Brown Base Clogs. These shoes not only go with almost every outfit – I’m talking dresses, skinny jeans, flares, and dress pants, but they are also super comfortable.

Next on the list is my teddy bear jacket – I literally live in this thing!

Last but certainly not least are my organic cotton neckscarves. I’ve been rocking neckscarves on the regular since fall arrived. They are the perfect way to add a little something extra to your look.

Photo by Quyen Hom

Which accessories made your list?



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