I’ve always been guilty of going on Target trips and picking up a bunch of stuff that I really didn’t need – dresses, shirts, candles, etc.. Most of my impulse purchases at Target were clothes.

It took me awhile to realize it, but the items I picked up were usually going into my next “donate pile”. Truthfully, I wasn’t really satisfied with the quality, fit, or feel of the clothes I was buying at an alarming rate.

When you don’t like the clothes you are wearing or how they look on you, you can easily lose your confidence.

So, I stopped shopping at Target for clothes.

“Well, Brittney, where do you buy your clothes now?”

I’ve been getting more creative with my clothing. I shop primarily at my work, Assembly Shop, or at Madewell. The items I go for now are a lot less trendy. They are pieces that I can see myself wearing beyond the next couple “donate piles”. Before purchasing, I think of multiple outfits I can wear the item with.

Sure, the clothes I buy now are a little bit more expensive than the Target ones I used to pick out, but I am happier with how these clothes look and fit, and I am also buying them at a slower rate, so in the long-run, it’s a better investment.

I challenge you to go through your clothes and observe patterns. Perhaps you could save money in the long-run by investing in quality pieces upfront – bonus points if you’re buying local!

Love yourself & love what you wear.


Outfit: Assembly Shop
Photo by Quyen Hom

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