The days I feel the most alive are the days that I write.

It’s kinda funny though, because on the days that I feel the need to put words to a screen are normally the days where I am overcome with emotion – whether it’s good or bad.

Before I started blogging and sharing my thoughts with people around the globe, I used a small journal that I toted around in my backpack. I would jot down thoughts or lyrics that felt relevant at the time.

I have always been a writer – it’s who I am.

I challenge you to explore your creative urges.

Without a creative release, are we living the true human experience? How can we express our emotions otherwise?

Pick up that camera. Play that instrument. Draw that landscape. Fulfill that urge you have inside you to make something beautiful.

When I can’t find the time to write, I feel bottled up and enclosed. Writing is what releases tension. For me, it is SO important that I find time each day to tend to the writer within me.

Take time to do the things that make you feel free.


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