Yes, these are the leggings you’ve been seeing all over Instagram. Do they live up to the hype? Are they too good to be true?

Let’s dive into my review!

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in workout apparel. The company is completely transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing processes. Upon looking into Girlfriend Collective, I could tell the founders truly care about their customers as well as the planet.

Their products are made out of recycled water bottles, which are collected in the Taiwan, which was once nicknamed “Garbage Island” due to the significant amount of waste in the streets (2).

Taiwan is now a world leader for recycling and Girlfriend is working right beside the folks of Taipei to help repurpose plastic waste.

But, let’s not stop at sourcing!

Girlfriend also cares about manufacturing and workers’ conditions. Their products are manufactured in a certified Taiwanese factory. Being certified means the government places certifications on the facility and also holds them accountable for using recycled materials. Throughout the various processes these bottles go through, cleaning, shredding, etc., they are weighed to ensure the same post-consumer bottles that arrived are the same bottles that are leaving the factory to be made into clothing. In addition to being weighed, the facility is monitored 24/7.

Not so fun fact: sometimes when you buy goods that are made of “recycled materials”, they are really just made out of new bottles, not post-consumer waste, creating more plastic. This is why Girlfriend plays an active role in the sourcing process.

You might be wondering, now how do you make soft leggings and bras out of hard plastic bottles?

Once the bottles are cleaned, they are shredded and formed into pellets, which are then melted into yarn.

This process takes time.

It takes 24 hours to make the fabric for 100 pairs of leggings.

On the company’s website, it lays out factory regulations and conditions. No children work in their factories, and employees are not allowed to work over 48 hours a week. If worker conditions particularly interest you, more information can be found on Girlfriend Collective’s website.

The thing that drew me to Girlfriend was the care provided for not only the customer, but the product, the workers, and the planet.

Let’s talk about price!

You might be thinking these leggings and bras cost a fortune. I mean, look at how long it takes to make a pair and think of all of the work that goes into providing an ethical, sustainable product. However, you might be surprised to learn that you can get a Girlfriend Collective leggings and bra set for less than a Lululemon set.

The leggings range from $68-$78 and always include free shipping. Sports bras are priced at $38.

Now, let’s talk about what you should expect when your package comes in the mail!

My order came in a paper envelope. My goods were inside a small bag also made out of recycled materials. The packing was minimal, yet protective enough to withstand the mailing process. The small bag your goods will come in can also be reused as a laundry bag or a cosmetics bag – if we are talking about reducing and reusing our waste.

The moment I tried on the leggings and bra, I KNEW I was going to be a returning customer. The comfort was unreal and the material is completely opaque! The leggings also feature a gusset to allow for movement with ease.

I took my new set out for a hike, and it exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get a ton of compliments, but the set didn’t pill when getting pressed against my backpack, it also did not snag when walking through brush.

Honest review: 11/10

I can’t wait to get my next set – in fact, it’s already ordered!



This post was not sponsored. It was an honest review of a company that I was particularly impressed with and wanted to highlight.


(1) Girlfriend Collective – Our Story

(2) How The Country Once Nicknamed ‘Garbage Island’ Cut Waste by 30%

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