A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a dental office getting a routine cleaning. When the dentist came into the room, he asked me what’s new. Of course, the big news was that I graduated from college. He followed up with a question about work, to which I responded that I had two part-time jobs in my desired field and that I find great joy in the work that I do.

Get this – he asked me “so, what’s the big next step” – as if my career choice wasn’t valid.

I was taken back by this question because I recently graduated college, which is a big deal in itself, and not only am I working in my desired field, but I love both of my jobs. What do you mean what’s next?!

I know that it is not likely that I will have two part-time jobs my whole career, but come on now. A full-time job does not equate to success. A corporate job does not equate to success.

So, who’s to say that I am not successful for working two jobs in my field?

I was hired right after graduation and able to find marketing positions in my small town, which is sometimes challenging to do. I am incredibly proud of myself for where I am at. You cannot take that feeling away from me.

If you have been in this situation before, you know how incredibly frustrating it can be.

You’re doing the best you can and very happy with where you are, but others cannot celebrate your success because they don’t define success the way you do.

Don’t get discouraged or worried. As long as you are happy with what you are doing and are able to make ends meet, no one should be judging you.

To those who are working outside the field they went to school for, that is completely okay. By no means are you supposed to stay in one profession or field for the duration of your career. Some people need change or realize certain things aren’t for them, and that’s okay.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think or how they define success. All that matters is that you are living up to your own expectations and living your dream.

Live your life for you.



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