When you and your best friend have a random Wednesday off, there’s really no other option than to take a day trip!

We chose Eau Claire for a few reasons:

  • it was within driving distance (2 hours)
  • there were boutiques, coffee shops, and cute bars
  • it’s small enough where parking isn’t a problem, but large enough for a full day of fun

Off we went!


Our first stop in Eau Claire was Red’s Mercantile. We love us a woman-owned business with some cute goods!

The store carried a variety of items ranging from clothing and shoes to candles, pottery, and books. I picked up a book, candle, and some natural deodorant.

Next, we walked across the street to The Local Store at the Volume One Headquarters. If you’re into Wisco-themed items or looking for a gift for someone, this is the perfect stop! The store carried wall art, clothing, drink ware, and accessories.

Our last shopping stop of the day was Token Jewelry Designs. I could’ve spent the whole afternoon here. There were so many beautiful pieces to pick from.

Drinks + Eats

Naturally, after a two hour drive and making a couple stops, it was time to grab some coffee.

Andrea and I headed over to SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar. If you’re into caffeinated drinks and bikes, this is THE place for you. Plus, they have lavender lattes, so what’s not to love?!

Before heading home, we made one last stop at Dive for some drinks and pizza.

Getting away, even if it’s just for an afternoon, will help you reset and step away from everything.

Next time you get the afternoon off, instead staying in bed and binge-watching Netflix, take a trip. Whether it’s by yourself or with your best friend, trips, both big and small, are what make some of the best memories.

Comment where you think we should travel next!


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