A lil bit of background

My family and I took a train from Prague to Vienna. We stayed close to the city center, which was nice for exploring. Although our hotel was in Vienna, we spent the majority of this trip outside of the city.

Wachau Valley

Okay, so the hike might have been ranked intermediate, but when I saw the guide pull out hiking sticks, I was thinking, “umm okay, this is most definitely not going to be intermediate”. The hike was fairly strenuous because we did not use the trail. There were times where rocks were sliding off as you were climbing (big YIKE). However, the views were like nothing you would see in the Midwest, which made it worth it. Plus, we got the chance to burn off some of those vacation calories.


I could stay in Salzburg close to forever! Taking a day trip to Salzburg was the highlight of the trip for me. Early in the morning, we left Vienna and arrived to our destination a couple hours later. Along the way, we got to see the wedding chapel from The Sound of Music. Brings back the childhood memories, doesn’t it?!

In Salzburg itself, we saw Mozart’s birth home, additional scenes from The Sound of Music, and a few other landmarks. We ate lunch at Wilder Mann, and it was fantastic – by far the best meal of the trip.


I’ve always wanted to go to Austria, and I even got to use a little bit of German! However, I noticed that I enjoyed the parts of the trip that were outside of Vienna the most. If I were to go back, I would probably skip Vienna all together. Site seeing around the city was fun, but in my opinion, it is not something I need to see again. The city felt very commercialized compared to other larger European cities I’ve visited. Despite my thoughts on Vienna, this trip was completely worth it. I’ll be dreaming of Salzburg until I can return.

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