I never thought I would see the day that my campus closed due to extreme winter weather, but here we are! The temperature in my area is nearing -55 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind. Brrr!!!

When it’s this cold outside, I don’t know about you, but I want to stay bundled up in bed with a hot cup of coffee; however, with it being my senior year, there’s always stuff to do.  I rarely get a day off during the week, so I wanted to make the most out of it. Seeing as I won’t be going anywhere today (my car won’t start because of the cold), I thought today would be a wonderful time to get things done.

My tips for staying productive during the cold winter months:

Start with a list (my favorite)! I love making lists. I will make multiple lists every day for multiple things. LOVE IT. Nothing is more satisfying than checking things off and watching your list diminish. If you start off with a task that is either easy or quick, you will be able to check things off of your list right away, which will put you in a productive mood.

Here’s what’s on my list today:

  • Complete homework through next Tuesday (no weekend homework for me!)
  • Update resume
  • Look for jobs
  • Get caught up with my shows (add a fun task to your day!)

Make a warm drink – I like sipping on something warm while working on assignments. I make either coffee, tea, or hot chocolate before settling down at my desk. If you get yourself situated at your work station before starting tasks, you will be less likely to get up and be distracted later.

Grab a snack – It’s hard to focus when you’re hungry! My go-to study snacks are granola bars, yogurt, fruit, crackers, and cheese.

Get cozied up at your work station – You will be more productive doing homework at a desk than in your bed. I know it is cold outside, and you may want to get bundled up in bed to do homework, but it is important to have separation between your relaxation space and your work space. I normally bring a blanket and heat pad over to my desk, so I can stay warm while working on assignments.

Put your phone on the opposite side of the room – The majority of the time, you will not need your phone to do homework. I like to charge my phone while I am working on stuff. That way, it is fully-charged and ready to go when I am done with homework. If my phone is on my desk, I can get easily distracted and simple tasks can take twice as long to complete. If I am working on assignment that requires a calculator, I will use an actual calculator, especially because most professor don’t allow the use phone calculators during exams.

Take study breaks – It’s important to take breaks every hour or so. During my study breaks, I like to chat with my friends, check social media, or watch a YouTube video. Being productive isn’t all work and no play.

Take creative breaks during long study sessions – This blog post is a product of this tip. When you are studying all day, little study breaks here-and-there won’t cut it. I like to take creative breaks once I get halfway through my list. I will either write blog posts, schedule social media posts for work, create graphics, bake, or scroll through Pinterest. Giving yourself a creative break will help eliminate stress and make you feel refreshed when you get back to your studies.

How do you stay productive when it’s cold outside?

Stay warm and safe!





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